Vandever, John. Brandywine Hd. 1813

The will of John Vandever, written February 6, 1810. John and his wife, Persina (or Parthena) nee Beeson had seven children, of which only five are mentioned in his will. Mising from the will are his son John Beason Vandever, born in 1788, and his daughter Mary Vandever, born November 5, 1790.
In the name of God Amen I John Vandever of Brandywine Hundred in the County of New Castle and State of Delaware being weak of body but of sound disposing mind and memory, blessed be the Lord for his mercies, and calling to mind the uncertainties of this life do make publish pronouce and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say.
I order and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid and dischared by by Executor hereafter named as soon as he conveniently can after my decease -
I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Perthena Vandever the brick building where my son Thomas Vandever now resides with the garden adjoining thereto together with the road as now used out to Marsh road for and during her natural life. I also give to my said wife one horse and cow as such as she may select out of my stock also a saddle and bridle together with the riding chair and Harness belonging thereto, with a sufficiency of fruit out of the orchards for her use two beds and beds steads and the necessary furniture belonging thereto, one case of drawers, two tables, half a dozen chairs two looking glasses such as she may choose the whole of the plate that is about the house with a reasonable proportion of bed clothes and table linen also my silver watch, it is further my will that she have such other articles out of my household furniture as she may chose to be delivered her at the appraised value thereof provided the same to not excede the sum of forty dollars, I also direct that my son Thomas provide goods and sufficient pasture and hay for a horse and cow or two creatures and that my son Thomas and Peter Vandever furnish my said wife with six cords of wood yearly and every year for and during her life to be delivered to her when she may require the same on half of said wood to be furnished by my son Thomas and the other half by my son Peter I also give to my said wife the sum of Eighty dollars per year for and during her natural life to be paid her by my said son Thomas by equal half yearly installments out of the hands which I hereafter devise to him also my black woman named Hannah for and during the term and period of sixteen years at the expiration of which time she is to be imancipated and set free.
I give and devise to my son Thomas Vandever all that part of the farm whereon I now reside which is contained within the bounds hereafter mentioned viz Begining at the west corner between Benjamin Elliott Lot and my lands then running the course of the present fence to the Brandywine creek at the head of the bank from thence down the Brandywine to the mouth of Skill pot Creek and from thence up the said skill pot to the dam at the marsh road, and from thence up and along said road to the gate a corner of Peter Vandever lot, be the contents within said boundaries more or less to him my said son Thomas his heirs and assigns forever, subjct nevertheless to the payment of the annuitites of Eighty dollars a year to my wife and the sum of One hundred dollars a year to my daughter Rebecca, also the pasture and hay for a horse and cow bequethed to my said wife.
Item I give and devise to my son Peter Vandever the field on the southwest side of the marsh road between the land devised to my son Thomas and the Land belonging to Thomas Lea together with all the rest of the land and marsh which does or of right outght to belong to me, except the piece of timber do him my said Son Peter/his heirs and assigns subject never the less to the payment of land hereafter disposed of the two legacies herafter bequeathed to my wife two daughters Elizabeth McKee and Anna Brita Gregg-
I give and devise to my sons Thomas Vandever & Peter Vandever my lot of wood land adjoining the lands of Peter Vandever Isaac Jones and bordering on the Brandywine computed at about fifteen acres more or less to them their hers and assigns forever, and in order that perfect harmony may be preserved between my said sons, it is my will and I do hereby direct that each of them, or in any ase the two men so chosen cannot agree that they (the men) select a third person and the division thus made to be final and conclusive.
I give and bequeath to my son Thomas the grain sowed in the fields on the south west side of the marsh road which has been heretofore devised to my son Peter free with egress and regress to cut and carry the same off under the proviso however that my son Thomas reliquish all his right to the lot of grain sowed by him to my Son Peter on the north East side of said road.
I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth McKee the Sum of five hundred Dollars lawful money of the United States of America to be paid her by my Son Peter in five installments of one hundred Dollars each per Annum without any interest the first payment to be made at the expiration of one year after my decease.
I give and bequeth unto my Daughter Ann Brita Gregg the sum of five hundred Dollars lawful money as aforesaid to be paid her by my Son Peter in the same manner and at the same time as is directed in the case of my daughter Elizabeth the said sum to draw no Interest.
I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Rebecca Vandever the sum of one hundred Dollars per annum for and during her natural life to be paid her quarterly by my Son Thomas Vandever together with one good bed and furniture for the three bed quilts and a quantity of Table linen which she claims as belonging to her one piece of unbleached tow linen also the little Sorrel mare called beauty.
It is my Will that the following named persons be emancipated and freed after they have performed the Period of Servitude severally alloted them viz. My black woman Philis after she has served six years, Hester after the service of Seventeen year, Levina at the end of Nineteen years Charlote at the expiration of Twenty Two years and George at the termination of twenty-five year the several terms of servitude to be computed from the date of this my Will, I do further order that my black woman Jane together with her son Percy in case she chooses to take him be liberated and set free immediately after my decease.
John Vanderer(seal)
Witnesses present at signing of foregoing John Elliott, N. G. Williamson, Thomas Beeson, Jonathan Beeson.
All the personal property which I may possess of whatsoever kind or nature it be (not heretofore bequested) I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Vanderer to be disposed of by him for the discharge and payment of my debts but in case the same should not be sufficent for the purpose designed it is my Will that the deficiency be made up by my said son Thomas out of the land which I have heretofore devised him.
In order to prevent any dispute that might hereafter arise between my said Children it is my Will that they and each of them be release from the payment of all demands that I may have on book or otherwise against them and no Claim whatever. that they or either of them may have against me shall after my decease be brought against my Estate under no less penalty than a forfeiture by the person or persons so exhibiting and prsecuting said Claim of all that I give in this my Will given them.
Lastly All the rest and residue of my Estate whatsoever or wheresoever it be I give unto my Son Thomas Vandever hereby nominating constituting and appointing my said son Thomas Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all other Wills by me heretofore made. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Sixth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ten.
Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared |
as and for the last Will and Testament of the | John
said John Vandever in the presence of us whom | (seal)
he has desired to witness the same. |
John Elliott, Jonathan Beeson, N. G. Williamson, Thomas Beeson