Phoenixville Gravestone House Located

I was intrigued last year by an article from 1921 that mentioned a house made from gravestones in Phoenixville, and, thanks to an prompting from a site visitor, I was determined to locate the house and learn more about its builder, George A. Detwiler. You can read my original posting about the house here. An article appearing in Monumental News: Devoted to Monumental and Kindred Interests, Volume 34 (published in 1922) mentioned the house and its builder, and even better, showed a picture of the house. Now we're getting somewhere!

I already knew that George had died in 1937 and his obituary from the Pottstown Mercury mentioned that he had lived on Griffen street in Phoenixville. With the help of the picture of the house, it was fairly easy to find it on Griffen street using Bing Maps Bird Eye View and Google Street Maps. In the picture from Monumental News, it appears that construction was still being done on the house and, as it turns out, real estate information on the house states that it was built in 1925. Because this is a private residence, I will leave its exact address unstated.

Rather curiously, the 1930 census shows George Detwiler living on Nutts Avenue with his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Snyder, while his wife Lulu was living in Philadelphia with three of their four sons. Sometime before her death in 1955, Lula moved to West Chester. She and George are both buried at Saint Peters Lutheran in Chester Springs, while many of George's forebears are found in Morris Cemetery.

Despite the nature of its construction, I have been unable to find any references to paranormal experiences at the house.