Briggeman, William F. 2/10/1917

Last Will and Testament of William F. Briggeman

I, William F. Briggeman, of the City of Baltimore, in the State of Maryland, being of sound and dsiposing mind, memory and understanding, and in good bodily health, so make this my last Will and testament, hereby revoking all other Wills and testaments heretofore made by me. I give and devise and bequeath to my wife Julia S. Briggeman, all my property and estate of every kind, and description whatever, whether real, personal or mixed, and wherever situated, of which I may be possesed at the time of my death, or to which I  may be in any manner entitled.

And I hereby appoint my wife, the said Julia S. Briggeman, sole executtrix of this, my will, and hereby release her from giving bond for the faithful performance of the duties imposed upon her by virtue of this appointment, so far as I am legally competent to do so. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this tenth day of December A. D. 1888.

William F. Briggeman