Hiester, John K.

John K. Hiester was born in Bern Township, on one of the old Hiester stands, Nov 2, 1848. His education was obtained in the township schools, at a Reading academy, and at the Keystone State Normal School, at Kutzotwn. In the fall of 1866 he began teaching at Hiester's school in Bern Township, and during the winter of 1868-69 he taught in Maiden Creek township; later taught one year in Bern Township; three terms in Ruscombmanor township; three terms in Exeter Township; one term in Jefferson; one term in Ontelaunee; two terms in Bordsboro; three terms in Cumru; two terms in Robeson, and then thirteen terms in Bern twnship, in all thirty-two terms, his services being gien all over the county, with fifteen terms in his native township. He thus became widely known, and is held in high esteem, and he constantly meets his former pupils, many of whom never received other instruction than that he gave them.
During the summer months, until 1890, Mr. Hiester worked upon the farm in his native township, but in that year he came to Reading and in the following year, he purchased his comfortable home at No 314 South Thirteenth street, where he has resided ever since. After establishing his home in Reading he continued to follow his profession during the winter months until 1889-1890, when he taught for the last time. For summer seasons he was in the employ of Alderman Griesemer and subsequently worked as a labor boss and shipping clerk in the Johnson Foundry and Machine Company, where he continued for seven years; when that firm went out of business, he went to the American Iron and Steel Company, where he has remained until the present.
On Oct 30, 1890, Mr. Hiester married Hettie A. Deisher, born Oct. 30, 1857,a daughter of William and Sarah (Stayer) Diesher, the former of whom is a farmer and business man of Berks county. To Mr. and Mrs. Hiester, have been born three children, namely: S. Adella, born Feb 21, 1892; Morris W., born in August 1893; and William L, born June 17, 1895.
Mr. Hiester has spent almost all his life in Berks county, but in January, 1869, he went to Lee county, Iowa, where he worked on a farm until his return to Berks county in the following October. Politically he is a Democrat. He is a member of Bern Union Church and of the Reformed congregation, His wife worships in Grace Lutheran Chuch.[bib]624[/bib]