Forest Friends Meeting

Originally called Patapsco Forest Friends Meeting, the name was soon shortened to Forest and was originally located on what is now Sharon Road. The land for the first meeting was purchased in the Patapsco Forest and the meeting was established under the care of Gunpowder Monthly meeting in 1815. In 1851, a preparative meeting was established and joined with Little Falls Preparative meeting to form Little Falls Monthly and the meeting purchased land at its current locatin and erected a new meetinghouse. Part of the land of the former property was sold in 1858. In 1927, Little Falls Monthly laid down its preparative meetings

In 1851, the meeting moved from its first location on Sharon road to East Jarrettsville Road in Forest Hill.  Along one wall of the burial ground are found gravestones from the first location of Forest meeting. The meetinghouse sat in the middle of a grove of trees with the burial ground beside it, protected by a sturdy stone wall. The parklike setting is now known as Friends Grove, though the meetinghouse itself has been gone for years.

East Jarrettsville Road, Forest Hill, MD