The Holy Trinty Church Quarrel

The Vestry of Holy Trinity to Issue an Indictment Against Rev. Mr. Bolton

West Chester, April 5. The vestry of the Church of the Holy Trinity  (Proetestant Episcopal) here have not rested quietly under the attack made upon them by Rector John Bolton in the pulpit two weeks ago. Thye have been working quietly, and tomorrow morning will distribute in the congregation in the church a printed statement that will whiten the heat of the trouble now rife there. This statement details accusations against Preacher Bolton which have been told in substance in the Inquirer, and makes impossible any reconciliation, which some of the members of the church were endeavoring to bring about.

Monday afternoon the annual election for vestrymen will take place at the church. The present board stands for re-election and rector has a ticket which his friends will vote for. The present board is made up of the following-named gentlemen: Professor J. Hunter Worrall, Charels M. Grimm, James C. Sellers, Esq., Dr. William D. Hartman, Thos. H. Montgomery, William D. Evans, Charles Bradford, Jr., Dr. Percy C. Hioskins, Dr. Jas. Stokes, Prof. Joesph T. Rothrock, Dr. James Raynor and Thomas H. White.

The rector's ticket will be: Colonel F. C. Hooten, James A Courtney, Nathan Edgarton, Fredrick C. Brinton, James C. Brooks, C. Wesley Talbot, Esq., James R. Dillingham, James C. Smith, George Achelis, Thomas H. White, Thomas H. Montgomery and James C. Sellers, Esq. On this ticket are three of the present vestry whom Rector Bolton considers his friends.1

  • 1. Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/9/1890