Rector and Vestrymen Cannot Agree

West Chester, Pa., March 25. The trouble in the Church of the Holy Trinity (Pretestant Episcopal ) will, it is believed, end in the resignation of the rector, Rev. John Bolton, who has been at the head of the vicarage for the past twenty-five years. The trouble culminated by the rector removing from the church the two rear rows of pews, which he said were only used by disorderly persons. This was done without the knowledge of the vestry and when these officials heard of it they passed a resolution ordering them back, the cost attending the work to be taken from the rector's salary. During the service last Sunday the rector asked the vestrymen to retire. In about two weeks the annual election of the vestry takes place. If the present board is elected his resignation will be asked for.1

  • 1. Bridgeton Evening News, 3/25/1890