The Thing in Northern Chester County

The "Thing" the mysterious animal which aroused residents of North Coventry township last November, and later was seen and heard in the Birchrunville area, now is reported in the Charlestown township-Kimberton area.

According to news sources the animal, which now has a mate, has been screaming for the past three nights.  The prowl begins about 7:30 and ends about midnight, residents of the section report.
News sources said that two animals appear to be calling each other as sounds come from two different directions.  The "Thing" has been seen by a number of the residents, and, according to one woman, a resident of the old Foster estate, saw the animal run from her back porch when she turned on a kitchen light early yesterday.
The woman described the animal as being large with a big face somewhat like a cat's, a sleek coat of fur and a long, black tail which curls at the end.
The area being terrorized is on Cold Springs road, which runs into Kimberton and the road into Charlestown township.1