Susquehanna Meeting

Jacob Giles, the son of John, who had helped established the Patapsco Friends meeting in Baltimore, erected a building near Rock Run and established a meeting there. The building had an octagonal hall and was referred to as the School House. This meeting was moved to his new house overlooking the Chesapeake Bay in 1767, at which point it became known as the Bayside meeting for the next few years. The move was noted in the records of Deer Creek Meeting: 6th mo, 3rd, 1767:

"The preparative meeting is informed that Jacob Giles and Joseph Hayward in behalf of themselves and others have taken the liberty of removing their meeting from Schoolhouse (Susquehanna) to a house of Jacob Giles near the Bayside and have taken the liberty of holding meetings on the fourth day weekly with which this meeting concurs for the present."

The meeting was probably discontinued by 1778, as Jacob was disowned by Deer Creek Monthly for his participation in war activites.


near Rock Run