West Grove Meeting's Confusing History

Over the years of wandering around Chester County and its neighboring counties to photograph the old meeting houses, I've found myself confused more times than I really care to admit about some of the history involved. Pa t of the confusion stems from the fact that, thanks to the Separation in the 1800's, there are a number of cases where there is more than one meeting house in existence tied to a particular modern day meeting.

A Meconkey Timeline By Name

In the interest of piecing together the various records I have found related to the Meconkey family (with whatever spelling of the surname), I am putting together a timeline per each name. Hopefully, this might allow some conclusions to be drawn about the genealogy of the family. Locations are indicated in brackets at the end of each entry.


  • 1749, Apr. 23 - Anne McConkey, daughter of Samuel, baptised at Old Tennent Church [Monmouth Co., NJ]


Meconkey Mysteries

My great-great-great-grandmother was Mary Meconkey (1805-1890), daughter of John Meconkey and Elizabeth Rickabaugh. Finding any information about her ancesors has been difficult, even though her brother David was one of the wealthiest men in Chester County before he died in 1868. In  the interest of research, I'm putting a few records here that may or may not have any connnection to my line, but seem to hold some potential clues.