Betty's Cove Friends Meeting

The earliest meeting to appear within Maryland was the meeting at Betty's Cove in Talbot County near the Miles River. It  had already been in existence for a number of years when George fox first visited the area in 1672. The earliest Quaker minister to visit Maryland was believed to be Elizabeth Harris in 1655. A burial ground was also laid out at Betty's Cove but no markers were u sed to identify the graves.

By 1692, the meeting house at betty's Cover was no longer large enough and it was decided that the meeting should convene from that point forward at the much larger meeting house at Thrid Haven in Easton.

Though the exact location of the old meeting  cannot be determined, the approximate area is known and a historic marker was placed at the intersection of Rte 370 and 33 to note the general area of Betty's Cove.

Betty's Cove, Talbot County, MD